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The Paramedic Association of Manitoba was invited to the Manitoba Legislature as Premier Pallister confirmed a reduction in ambulance user fees came into effect on April 1st... read more
The Transition Council appointed by Health Minister Kelvin Goertzen to lead paramedic self-regulation in Manitoba held it's first meeting on March 8, 2018 in Winnipeg.. read more
Education and Training Minister Ian Wishart has announced a new Primary Care Paramedic Certificate program at University College of the North (UCN) in The Pas... read more
Health Minister Kelvin Goertzen has appointed fifteen individuals to a transitional council that will implement the College of Paramedics in Manitoba... read more
A new Canadian study shows that Paramedics and Correctional Workers report the highest frequency, among public safety personnel, of experiencing past-year and lifetime suicidal behaviors... read more
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